Low cost activity ideas

It’s easy to get seduced into believing that you must invest in expensive purpose-built toys for your child. But they can actually get a great deal out of a host of ordinary objects and materials which you can find around the house, or in your garden or local park. And, by allowing them to explore the properties and possibilities of basic and natural objects, you’ll be enhancing their creativity and learning. Here are some suggestions for no cost and low cost activities for toddlers’ play and learning:

  • providing saucepans and utensils to make musical instruments
  • food items can be used for a pretend shop 
  • making a den using old sheets and blankets 
  • using old clothes, hats, scarves, boots, shoes etc for dressing up 
  • making shapes from vegetables for painting activities 
  • using empty cartons, twigs, pasta, cardboard boxes, glue, scissors, masking tape etc for junk art activities 
  • playing in sand, mud, clay or water 
  • sorting/counting buttons/pegs 
  • using scissors to cut pictures from magazines to make pictures 
  • letting your child help you with simple chores such as sorting clothes in the laundry basket, setting/clearing the table, hanging out the washing, washing dishes 
  • giving your child cups, large spoons and bowls for mixing, sifting, stirring and shaping


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